100% Recycled Paper Printing

Printing on recycled paper has immense environmental benefits. When you print with us, you can take satisfaction in knowing that your business, invitation, book or card has been printed using 100% recycled papers, that in turn can be recycled again. Our house stock is manufactured carbon neutral and contains the highest possible percentages of recycled content and sustainably harvested papers, processed without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives (bleaching without chlorine or chlorine compounds results in a much less polluting paper making process).

Why Use Recycled Paper?

  • It takes 24 good-sized trees to produce a ton of virgin fibre paper. It takes 1.1 tons of waste paper to produce a ton of 100% recycled paper.
  • Paper that's 100% post-consumer waste uses about 75% less water in production than its virgin-fibre counterpart.
  • Producing recycled Kraft pulp requires a third less energy than making virgin chemical pulp. (Kraft = process for creating strong paper)
  • Paper that's carted away to the landfill decomposes and ultimately emits methane gas, which traps up to 25 times more heat than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period

Does Recycling Paper Use More Resources?

No, it does not. Recycled paper is better for the environment than virgin paper. It helps preserve forests because it reduces demand for wood. It also conserves resources and generates less pollution during manufacturing, because the fibres have already been processed once. This results in less air and water pollution also.

The 100% recycled paper we utilise at Sustainable Printing Co feature long fibres, which are more flexible for the recycling process (as opposed to a paper like newsprint, with its shorter fibres, that usually reserved for making low-quality items.

More About the Papers We Use

At Sustainable Printing Co we’re pretty fond of recycled papers. We know using recycled paper has many benefits, like preserving the Earth’s resources. Below is a snapshot of a few of the papers we commonly use:

EcoStar 100% Recycled (white, uncoated)

EcoStar 100% Recycled Uncoated is the Lamborghini of recycled papers. It’s a bright white uncoated paper with outstanding environmental credentials. Made with 100% recycled post-consumer waste, EcoStar is paper made carbon neutral and is designed to offer the printability, brightness and durability of white virgin fibre papers.

It’s perfect for postcards, business cards, letterhead, books and most other printed items.

See how you can reduce your environmental impact by using this environmental calculator

EcoStar 100% Recycled Gloss and Silk

This is EcoStar Uncoated’s cousin, but glossier or silkier. This paper has a gloss or silk coating which is perfect if you want more vibrant colours and prints.

EcoStar gloss and silk are environmentally responsible papers.  The fibre source is FSC Recycled certified. EcoStar+ is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled paper in a process chlorine free environment under the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Great for flyers, posters, booklets, brochures, gift cards and book covers.

See how you can reduce your environmental impact by using this environmental calculator

Envirocare - Off-white uncoated

100% recycled (75% post-consumer & 25% pre-consumer waste)

This bad boy looks more like a recycled paper with its natural off-white finish. This raw yet elegant paper is speckle free and delivers high quality print results including rich solids and sharp detail. Well priced, Envirocare 100% Recycled offers excellent opacity and is suitable for all your general printing requirements. Its manufactured by Lenzing Papier (Austria).

Great for invitations, business cards, swing tags, book marks and gift tags.

See how you can reduce your environmental impact by using this environmental calculator

100% Recycled Kraft

Our Kraft paper has a clean, distinctive and brown natural look. Its strong and durable strength and made from natural Kraft fibres that are fully recyclable. Manufactured carbon neutral, Buffalo Board is a highly versatile and cost-effective board. Manufactured by KapStone Charleston Kraft LLC (USA).

Great for coffee loyalty cards, cosmetic packaging, luxury packaging, point of sale printing, swing tags, business cards and postcards.

See how you can reduce your environmental impact by using this environmental calculator

Adhesive labels / stickers (uncoated, gloss and Kraft)

Made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified plantation fibres

Most of our white adhesives are not made from recycled fibres but made from certified FSC pulp sourced from managed forests. We can also print on 100% recycled Kraft stickers (brown 100% recycled paper). Our stickers are bio-degradable.

105gsm white uncoated, 105gsm white gloss and 105gsm brown Kraft available in circles, rectangles and square cut corners also.

Paper Weight Guide

  • 100gsm – Commonly used for letterhead, with compliments slips, lightweight flyers
  • 150gsm – Perfect for flyers, posters, text pages for books
  • 200gsm – Great for higher quality feel flyers and posters
  • 300gsm – Perfect for book covers
  • 350gsm – Now we’re talking business cards, postcards, coffee loyalty cards, swing tags,book marks, postcards.